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 KJ (KIRIKO J'adore) Studio

 Life that is naturally filled with Kiriko. Healing, comfort, awareness, hope, and satisfaction.
As a luxury of everyday wear,
in everyday life,

we are hoping if we can provide reasonable price and quality.
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KJ Kiriko Collection

Great news! "Dialogical Relationship" won the Bronze Award at the A' Design Award 2024, one of the world's largest design contests held in Italy .
2021: "Limpid Stream", 2022: "Shining Glass", 2023: "Elan Vital"
This is the fourth consecutive year that we have won this award.

We accept various customized orders such as the type, color, cut design, size, etc. of the usual cut glass beside you .

To purchase, please specify the color and quantity from the product list below.

(Please specify the color as it is not the color of the product photo)

Because it is made to order, it takes 8 to 12 weeks to ship.

Thank you

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