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About purchase application and payment method for an overseas customer

How to apply : Please send us the following inquiry mail.

・Product name

・Color and Quantity

Your name and Address for delivery

Payment amount :

We inform you of the total amount of fee including overseas distribution cost in US dollar.


Payment method : Please pay by bank transfer. And please have you bear the bank transfer service fees.

The transfer destination is as follows.


・Bank Name:  THE AWA BANK, LTD.
・SWIFT Code/BIC Code:  AWABJPJT (8 digits) or AWABJPJTXXX (11 digits)
・Branch Name:  ITANO BRANCH
・Account No:  308-1221371
・Account Name:  KJ KOBO

About shipping products

After confirming the payment of the transfer, we will manufacture and ship it.

It currently takes about 8-12 weeks to produce.

Thank you.

About returns

​In principle, we do not accept returns for your own convenience.
If there is a mistake on our side such as a defective product or a wrong product, we will replace it with a non-defective product.

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