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About KJ (KIRIKO J'adore) studio

KJ studio manufactures glass crafts based on the technique of Edo Kiriko.

A beautiful design and brilliance are created by elaborate cutting and careful hand polishing on the covered glass with colored glass layered.

There are a wide variety of glass fabrics, and all the glass products around us, such as squirrels, various glasses, plates, jugs, and lampshades, are beautifully cut to moisturize our lives.

I would be very happy if the space surrounded by the Kiriko collection, which is a luxury of everyday wear, can be useful for a healing and enjoyable life.


We will be adding new works to the KJ Kiriko collection so that you can say KIRIKO J'adore (I love Kiriko). Thank you.

Covered glasses waiting for a cut

Cut machine

Production scenery of rock glass "Wind"

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