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Soba cup (blue) Namuro (school of fish)
This is a new soba cup. The design is "Namuro (School of Fish)". A school of dynamically swimming fish is cut into the clear stream motif that won the Bronze Award at the A' Design Award two years ago. Together with the delicate cut of the bottom chrysanthemum, the overall design is detailed, lively, and full of vitality, representing Tokushima, a place rich in water.
Soba cups are glasses that can be used for multiple purposes, and we find them very useful in our home, both as a slightly larger wine glass and as a rocks glass for shochu, so we hope you will use them at the dinner table.

Diameter 8.1 cm, height 6.2 cm.
In addition to the blue color shown in the photo, we also have purple and red colors.

Soba cup (blue) Namuro (school of fish)

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