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Sake glass (Ruri color) Reunion

New design of sake glass. The design is "reunion". The color is Ruri color.
The main pattern on the side is a newly designed pattern named “Dynamic”. The pattern started from the image of matching sake cups, but the design is full of dynamism, reminiscent of lively polka dots and splashes, or baitballs of a large school of fish spinning in the water. In addition, the rhinoceros chrysanthemum tsunagi that covers the mouth like lace has the meaning of perpetual youth and longevity and warding off evil spirits.
In addition to the mysterious appearance, it is also a dish that you can enjoy the texture such as the rough feeling of “Hishigiku Tsunagi”, the smoothness of “Dynamic”, and the solid cut feeling of Sokogiku. I would be very happy if it was a fun time to talk with my family and friends while wishing for a reunion and happiness with delicious sake.

Diameter 6.0cm, height 7.0cm.
In addition to the Ruri color in the photo, there are also red and purple colors.

Sake glass (Ruri color) Reunion

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