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Sake Glass (Blue) Dialogical Relationship

The design is "Dialogical Relationship" (bonds).
Kiriko glass can inspire various stories and inspire creative contemplation, recalling fun experiences and wonderful achievements from the past, giving thanks for the fulfillment of the present, imagining a fun and exciting future, and using it to relieve current anxieties and worries.
A pair of characters expressing various emotions is placed around the rim of the glass, creating a vibrant design that evokes the interactive relationship we have with our partners as we walk through the past, present and future.
Cutting is difficult, but it takes time and patience to finish it carefully.
We would be delighted if this becomes an opportunity for you to enjoy some delicious drinks and have some fun conversation with your family and friends.

 Diameter 6.0 cm, height 7.0 cm.

 In addition to the blue shown in the photo, we also have red and purple colors.

Sake Glass (Blue) Dialogical Relationship

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