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10 Old Glass [Rock Glass] (Green) Elan Vital

New rock glass. The design is "Elan Vital".
The pattern originated from the image of matching sake cups, but the design is full of life and dynamism, reminiscent of lively polka dots and splashes, or baitballs of a large school of fish swimming in the water.

The bottom is cut with a beautiful chrysanthemum pattern, and the lower part of the side is polished like a hakama so that the pattern can be seen from the side.

Horizontal cuts are easy to shift, so we use nerves, but we take time to finish it carefully.

I would be very happy if it would be a fun time to talk with family, friends, etc. along with delicious sake.
Caliber 7.7cm, height 9.2cm.
In addition to the green in the photo, there are also purple, ruri, and red.

10 Old Glass [Rock Glass] (Green) Elan Vital

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